Thank Someone

Who would you like to thank? Who made your world a better place?

Please share some warm fuzzies and smiles by leaving a reply in the comment area below.


8 thoughts on “Thank Someone

  1. I want to THANK YOU! For making my life that much more enjoyable from the first time I met you. We have shared many warm fuzzies. Not the typical warm fuzzies I don’t think. We have our own kind of warm fuzzies. The sharing of a sandwich kinda fuzzies…post break down via chewing. Did I just share this to the world?? Yes! Simply because I could not be more proud to call you a best friend. Zip codes, borders, continents can’t separate what we are to one another and I cherish your friendship immensely. You have been a voice of reason when I drifted, a reason for inspiration, and always a pulse to feel when mine has fallen faint. 30 by 30! You and I. Your brain, my brain. Your heart, my heart. A kayak trip surfaced a beautiful set of words that you have turned into something with heavy impact. A catalyst for a better future you are. I love you, friend.

  2. Today my “Thank You” is for you, Rita. Just a simple thanks for reminding me I don’t need the 37th pair of shoes, 70th shirt, 15th ring, or any other time killer, void filler, money waster I was about to purchase online. Thanks for reminding me I can spend my money more wisely.

  3. I want to thank you, mi mona querida, for always pushing me and inspiring me to be the best I can be! My original Colombian dance partner, you never cease to amaze me with your creative, passion, and drive! You have opened my eyes to teaching, living, loving, laughing, and the joys of no pants time. I miss you, housie!!

  4. Also, I’ll donate 30% of the donation of anyone who thanks someone OTHER THAN ME on this board when he or she donates 🙂 I’m feeling very loved from Bobby, Mary, and Sam – no need to continue the trend! Let’s spread the gratitude!

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