Dance Thank You's

Dance Thank You: Biker Love

Thank you to everyone who came out for our second Bike for Bikes Event on Sunday, November 17th. We had a diverse group with riders from SSIS, AIS, CIS, and beyond, raising enough for 10 bicycles, or in other terms, enough to send two girls to school for a year.

Thanks to Elaine for leading the way along the route of a billion bridges.

Distance to school, especially to secondary schools, coupled with lack of adequate transportation, is one of the barriers to girls’ education in rural Vietnam. The additional time spent walking reduces time available to help with family chores, which impoverished families often view as more important than educating daughters. Increased distance also increases the likelihood of sexual assault or violence en route to or from school. In some regions of Asia, a half kilometer increase in distance to school decreases girls’ enrollment by 20%.

If we eliminate the barriers that keep girls out of school, girls will earn more money, marry later, have healthier families, and break the cycle of poverty.


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