Dance Thank You's

Dance Thank You: Get Us Bodied

To thank Jenn & Matt and Laura & Aaron for giving girls brighter futures, some Zumbarinas (and a Zumbarina-in-training) put together a not-so-little  dance medley. We think Beyonce would approve.

Enjoy. And Join the Party.

Zumba – Tuesdays at 4:15 and Thursdays at 5.


3 thoughts on “Dance Thank You: Get Us Bodied

    • Thanks Leanne! I read through some of your posts today. I especially liked the posts on orphanage tourism and modern day slavery. Are you working with Little Rose Shelter? How much longer will you be in HCMC?

      • Thank you! I am new to this so that means a lot!
        I am working with Little Rose but I’m almost done. I leave on Friday. I’ve been here for three months. A friend told me about your project the other day, such a shame I didn’t hear about it sooner. I would have loved to have joined you!

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