Dance Thank You's

Dance Thank You: 40 is the New 30


I spent about 15 minutes running up and down the hallways today – skipping, twirling, leaping, and maybe even screaming, looking for anyone who’d let me hug them. Why? My birthday present arrived six weeks early – a sponsorship for a thirtieth girl! I’m still in shock and disbelief.

Thanks to Natalie for making today a very happy unbirthday that I’ll never forget.

And thank you to all of the people supported the project before this momentous day. I haven’t forgotten about you! (but I did jump the line a bit in Dance Thank Yous —- I was too excited!)

In the next six weeks I’ve got  a showing of Girl Rising coming up, a visit to the Room to Read office and projects in the Mekong, some backlogged dance thank yous, more Zumba, and even a benefit happy hour in the works.

I’m not quitting on these girls’ futures yet, and I hope you don’t either.

40 is the new 30!


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