Dance Thank You's

Dance Thank You: 29 Going on 60

Thanks Franklin family for supporting not just one, but TWO girls! Hats off to you! Here’s to the Franklins, and to making the world a better place, book by book, bike by bike, girl by girl.

Educated women earn 15-20% more. And it doesn’t stop there. On average, men in developing countries reinvest 40% of their earnings back into their families. Women? They reinvest an average of 90% of their earnings back into their families, creating healthier, more educated children and breaking the cycle of poverty. Invest in girls. Break the Cycle of Poverty. Change the world.

We did a bit of filming on Halloween, through a fish tank, so of course we needed a little Beach Boys to back us up. I know many people freak out about getting older, but I personally am feeling pretty darn good, embracing being in a stable position in my life where I can finally pay it forward. Forget 13 going on 30, I’m 29 going on 60 for this video.  And this project is going on supporting its 24th girl! I am so amazed, proud, and grateful!



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