Dance Thank You's

Dance Thank You: How to Speak Foxlish

Reading is Power!

Reading is Power!

While I haven’t quite got Vietnamese down, I think I’m doing pretty good with my Foxlish. The tricky part is that the number of repetitions of a phoneme affects the meaning, so hatee means sour pickle, but hatee hatee hatee indicates halfwayHo means congratulations, but ho ho ho means, well, exactly what it does in English (Globalization is crazy!) One important thing to remember is not to wear mittens when you are a beginning or even intermediate Foxlish speaker, as that makes counting on your fingers a bit tricky. Arithmetic and language finely intertwine in Foxlish. Anyway…I digress.

To celebrate reaching halfway to our goal, I am not only sharing some fabulous guest dancing with you, courtesy of previous donors, but I am also sharing my knowledge of Foxlish with you. Good luck trying to read the subtitles and watch the dancing at the same time, or as they say in Foxlish, kazingo zingo zingo zam! zingo zingo kazingo zam!

Here’s to sharing our education and literacy, in whatever language, with girls. UNESCO reports that although the overall number of illiterate adults has been decreasing globally, the proportion of illiterate females worldwide was has yet to budge notably, remaining steady at 63% to 64%.

Keep paying it forward, sending girls off to brighter futures, and we’ll keep on dancing, making the world a brighter place together!

Click on the link below to check out the video:

Video Dance Thank You: How to Speak Foxlish

If you like it, consider checking out more of the project, spreading the word, and paying it forward. The  more comments, likes, and shares, the more girls we help!


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