Today is International Literacy Day – Gift a Future, and Credit Suisse will TRIPLE your gift

ILD 880 million

Could my timing be any better? I launched my project on International Literacy Day (ILD), sponsored by the International Reading Association. IRA are the helpful folks that taught me a bit about teaching Reading via their conference when I was a newbie teacher in Kent County (more on that later…just know I in my first week teaching I had a student percolate in my classroom when it was NOT time for the percolator). Anyway, to celebrate literacy, IRA has a resource kit available for educators. It has activities for all grade levels and a bit of information about ILD.

This year, the theme of International Literacy Day is INVENT YOUR FUTURE.

I say we put a twist that theme, and GIFT A FUTURE. 

It seems Room to Read agrees with me. For today only, Room to Read’s partner, Credit Suisse, is TRIPLING all donations (up to $150,000USD…so if you are going to donate more than that, make sure to do it in installments 😛 )

I’m waiting to hear back to see if donations made to my personal fundraising page will be tripled, but I know that ones going to the main site will. Until I get confirmation, I say the more the merrier – Donate to the main page then shoot me a message letting me know. I’ll add that amount to the tally, and start choreographing a thank you dance and video in your name. If you donate, it may be time to percolate…


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