Reflecting Back


1984: Janet Davis – Though I entered the world with a head full of jet black hair, it didn’t take long to transform into the golden mop that I’m sure earned me the loving attention of my Aunt Janet. Of course I don’t remember, but I’ve been told that I spent a large majority of my first year of life in my Aunt Janet’s arms. I don’t doubt it. My Aunt Janet has never held back on showering me with affection.

 Only 11 months older than my mother, I see my mother not only in her loving words, but also in her laugh, eyes, and smile. I spent quite a bit of time with my Aunt Janet when I was younger. Bryan, Mary, Adam and I actually spent the better half of one summer staying with my aunt, uncle, and cousins on their farm in Cumberland.  That summer, I learned to listen for rattlesnakes when walking to the mailbox, to check for mountain lions before picking berries, and that bacon for breakfast means one less pig in the pigpen.

Though I haven’t spent much time with my Aunt Janet in the recent past, she continues to shower me with affection.  If you look on my Facebook page, you will undoubtedly see comments on my photos or status updates from my aunt telling me, in all caps and with exclamation points, how proud she is of me. She has shown me that out-of-sight does not have to mean out-of-mind.

Aunt Janet, thank you for your unconditional love, concern, and support, wherever I am in the world. You are a role model for my relationships with my own nieces, Audria and Robin, who happen to be phenomenal little people.

Aunt Janet and Mom


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